Prior to the trips this year, we experienced an abnormal amount of Spiritual Warfare. As we know, when the enemy is fighting you before you even leave....he is scared!! During Training Camp, we had numerous teachers and many of them shared about facing opposition and standing strong in what you believe, even if it results in bad situations. Many of the teachers referenced Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego from the Book of Daniel. We knew that we were walking into a "fiery furnace" of opposition, but we were looking for our God to deliver us. As a leader, the tour was very difficult due to circumstances and interpersonal issues among the teams. HOWEVER, God moved in amazing ways. We had to FIGHT for unity, but as we Chose God each day, He moved in the lives of our team members and the children and communities where we were working. On Tour A, we saw 50 people commit their lives to the Lord, and numerous others said that they had never experienced such love and friendship. I fought against discouragement because my Perfectionistic side wanted all the details to go smoothly. One of our tour members challenged me to take a step back and look at all the things that God did....IN SPITE of us!! WOW!!! It was amazing! Lives were changed. Godly Friendships were built, the kingdom was expanded and we were all forever changed. When we are Faithless, HE remains FAITHFUL!!!
Praise God for His grace and His willingness to walk with us in the fire. :)